Graduation Class of 2017

On June 5th the class of 2017 graduated from our MSc Programme in media and communication studies, together with the rest of the Faculty of Social Sciences at Lund University.


As one of the biggest programmes in the Faculty, we were well represented; and this year, we were proud to see one of our students, Allisa Lindo, chosen to be one of the student speakers. We’re very proud of all the students graduating this year – in two years, they’ve produced wonderful and insightful work and shown amazing engagement in their studies and each other.

We wish all of you good luck, and hope to see you soon again.

Here are parts of Allisa’s marvelous speech on Graduation day

I am lucky to have made friends from all over the world, who have shown me the true meaning of friendship. I have been challenged and pushed outside of my comfort zone more times I can count. And that’s a good thing. (…)

I hope that for all of us, today doesn’t just mark the end of our journey as Lund University students, but the start of our journey to contribute positively to the world as so many other Lund graduates have done before us.

Although the future may seem uncertain, it is my sincere wish that through the experiences and education we have received here, our way forward is a little better, a little clearer and a little brighter. I look forward to what we will each add to the next 350 years of Lund history.

Good luck everyone and thank you.