New doctor in media and communication studies

Publicerad den 14 december 2020
Abstract Spinning wheel of light front of Zaki Habibis thesis

KOM is proud to announce a new doctor in Media and Communication studies.

Media and communication studies are very happy and proud to announce that Zaki Habibi successfully defended his doctoral thesis "Creative voices of the city - Articulating media, space and cultural identities by creative collectives in Southeast Asia" . 

In this book, Habibi investigates the lived cultures of the individuals within creative collectives in two cities: the creative city of Bandung in Indonesia and the creative, heritage city of George Town in Malaysia. This thesis gives priority to the voices of the city dwellers from a bottom-up approach, enriching academic discussions on everyday life, culture and creative cities within the field of urban media and communication. The analysis illuminates the creative politics of space and placemaking in local settings, highlighting how the collectives form alternative spaces to live and work, developing an organic and dynamic interplay between the physical, social, and digitally mediated spaces of creative cities.