Media and communication MSc Symposium & Book Launch

2020-02-21 | EVENT

Daniel Svensson, Michael Gieda, Peter Lunt, Deniz Duru, Peter Dahlgren, Giulia Masciavé, Annette Hill and Lina Lockean. Photo: Zaki Habibi

At the beginning of February our international MSc programme held its annual Postgraduate Symposium. The event is to a large part run by the students themselves, and aims to bring together students and staff in a constructive exchange about research.

In the morning, invited keynote speaker Peter Lunt, professor in media and communication at Leicester University (UK) held an interesting talk on the topic civility, entitled ‘What happened to civility? From debate to dispute in political culture,’ appreciated by students and staff in MKV.

He was followed by alumni students who have been chosen to participate in our annual edited collection, showcasing the top master theses of the 2019 cohort. Michael Gieda focussed on the EU and cosmopolitanism in his talk ‘Can cosmopolitanism fix the EU’? He was followed by Lina Lockean, who presented her work on the importance of art for citizenship, through an exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art (Moderna Museet): ‘Cultivating cultural citizenship: Acclimatize exhibition’. Then came Daniel Svensson, whose book chapter is about how Google handles issues of tech-related stress, with the presentation ‘Digital wellbeing, according to Google.’ Last but not least came Giulia Masciavé, whose talk focussed on media representations of femicide in Italy, entitled ‘’Til death do us part.’ Also invited but unable to attend was Rania Savitri Mafiroh, whose chapter and thesis work concerned young female engagement in an Indonesian talk show. The chapter is called ‘Conceiving a Talk Show and Civic Talk through Young women’s Eyes’.

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After a wonderful lunch buffet the afternoon was dedicated to current student work, and many of our second year students presented their ongoing thesis projects, grouped together under the themes of engagement, media production, national identity and diaspora, and digital affordances. They got comments from first year student rapporteurs (who we are very proud of for volunteering!) and staff, as well as the audience of first and second year students.

The day ended with a celebratory book launch, where the editor Deniz Duru alongside programme leader Annette Hill, event organisers and book chapter authors said a few words, and were thanked for their hard work and engagement. The programme and department thanks our amazing organising committee: Jian Chung Lee, Brendan Sielaff, Freja Öhlander, Xin Zhou and Yucong Lau; Andreas Magnusson Qassim for the wonderful artwork on the symposium poster; and Can Duro for the Excellent Dissertations book cover. And of course a big thanks to professor emeritus Peter Dahlgren, for chairing the morning session.

Joanna Doona

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Media and communication MSc Symposium & Book Launch
At the beginning of February our international MSc programme held its annual Postgraduate ...

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