School of Journalism at Lund University is specialised in digital journalism in a global context. Students study about the theoretical frameworks that exist within contemporary and future journalism as well as practising digital journalism in a real newsroom environment.

The teachers and instructors at School of Journalism are media researchers and practicing journalists with experiences from newsrooms at the biggest Swedish media companies. Several of the lecturers also have previous and on-going experiences from different media landscapes and are frequently teaching in different environments around the globe.

Currently School of Journalism offers a Bachelor’s programme where the main language is Swedish. All students have previous backgrounds in at least one other field before they are eligible to apply. The four-semester programme teaches and prepares the students in various fields of journalism such as digital storytelling, online ethics, source criticism and investigative reporting.

The program also offers internship where the teachers’ professional network is beneficial. Alumni from the School of Journalism work at media companies around Sweden and abroad as well as at communication- and PR-organisations.

Recently School of Journalism launched an exchange program with the Department of Communication and Journalism at University of Kerala. Journalist students and teachers spend a given period of time at the partner university.

If you want to know about School of Journalism, don't hesitate to contact Andreas Mattsson, program director.


Journalistutbildningens redaktion ligger på tredje våningen i Gamla Kirurgen på Paradisområdet. Vi bedriver också undervisning på SOL-centrum.

Besöksadress: Sandgatan 3, Gamla Kirurgen, 223 50 Lund



Contact information

Program director
Andreas Mattsson
Phone: +46(0)46 222 45 33
E-mail: Andreas.Mattssonkom.luse

Director of Studies
Sara Santesson
Phone: +46(0)46 222 87 48
E-mail: Sara.Santessonkom.luse

Study Adviser
Jessica Blom Larsson
Phone: +46(0)46 222 40 51