Courses in English

From the spring of 2020, all courses in Media history will be taught in English.

Applications are open for this coming spring semester. Choose one or both of these 7.5 credit courses. Both courses are given at half speed, meaning 50 %, which means they can be combined with other course work or other activities.

Power and Media Systems

MHIA24 | 7.5 credits | Lund campus | English language | 50 % speed

This course critically examines the common notion that the power of media is constantly increasing and expanding. By comparing a variety of cultures and countries historically, we will scrutinise the structures of power in different media systems. We will analyse key perspectives on the operation of media power such as class, gender and ethnicity/race along with such theoretical concepts as mediatisation, celebritisation, media logic and media strategy in relation to everyday life, popular culture and politics.



Social Media in a Historical Perspective

MHIA05 | 7.5 credits | Lund campus | English language | 50 % speed

The main aim of the course is to critically examine the widespread notion that social media are something new and revolutionary. Using the concept of participatory media, the course covers everything from citizen newspapers of the 18th century, via the engagement of audiences at the great exhibitions of the 19th century and through to 20th century information campaigns and today’s digital media. There is a focus throughout on the variety and evolution of media forms, as well as ever-changing ideas about what constitutes an audience.




Course coordinator
Marie Cronqvist
Tel: 046-222 88 76

Director of Studies
Sara Santesson
Tel: 046-222 87 48

Academic advisor
Michael Rübsamen
Tel: 046-222 40 51