Media History

The Magic Lantern (before 1835), by Auguste Edouart (France). Public domain.

Media History is a theoretical subject which provides insight into the constant changes of the media landscape, from a historical perspective. It is useful for those who already work within, or are considering a career within, the media industry – or any industry, for that matter. The trend is that our daily lives are becoming increasingly affected by the media and their content, in our private, civic as well as professional sphere. For that reason, the ability to adopt critical perspectives on the logics of the media and on the strategies of media agencies is important.

Media History has existed since the 1970’s, but has not always been titled Media History. Springing from Literature Studies, the subject originally directed its focus towards the newspapers as literature, and journalism as an art. Gradually the scope of the subject widened, with studies conducted into the changes in media power, the production of journalistic ideals, and the formation of journalistic identities.

The fundamental assumption of Media History is that history is needed in order to understand the media, but also that the media are necessary in order to understand history. As a student, you will among other things be given the opportunity to practice qualitative analysis, as well as close readings of texts and pictures.

Many of our students study the subject as a theoretical foundation before applying for the Bachelor’s programme in Journalism. Others study Media History as a complementary module in a degree; yet others take it as their Major; and some students continue to postgraduate education.

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