Rhetorical skills
are invaluable to all those who work within the field of communication, for example marketers, lawyers, priests, politicians, journalists, teachers and executives.

On the courses in rhetoric you will be trained in the art of convincing through writing and speech, and also through media other than language. The course contains oral as well as written exercises. You will get to develop your speeches and texts using the response you receive from your teachers and from your fellow students as feedback. You will also learn to critically examine messages designed to influence and manipulate. Throughout the course, everything from ancient texts to modern speeches will be studied. Attention will also be devoted to the rhetorical use of films, pictures, acting and gestures, whose importance has increased greatly in contemporary society.

You will gain knowledge on how the ancient rhetoric has developed up to the modern day, and an introduction to modern rhetorical methods and theories.

Using the basic concepts of classical rhetoric as points of departure, you will study the choice and design of arguments in varying rhetorical situations in order for a speech or a text to be as convincing as possible. This will include finding the best disposition, the most suitable language, style and performance. With the aid of modern theories of rhetoric, we will also apply this process to non-linguistic means of expression.


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Course Coordinator
Anders Sigrell
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Study Adviser
Michael Rübsamen
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Director of Studies
Sara Santesson
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