I am an associate professor in journalism and media history. My research interests are Cold War culture, propaganda and psychological defence, media and armed conflict, and transnational broadcasting.

I coordinate the international research network Entangled Media Histories (EMHIS) since 2013. My research group has explored the exchange of television programmes between Scandinavia and the GDR, and recently I have started up a project on media knowledge and psychological defence. I have been a guest researcher for example at the Hans-Bredow-Institut für Medienforschung in Hamburg, The Centre for Media History at Macquarie University in Sydney and The Centre for Media History at Bournemouth University, UK.

I am one of two coordinators of the Film- and media history seminar and my teaching is mostly in media history and journalism. Part-time, from jan 2018, I am also the dep director of the academic think tank LU Futura at the Pufendorf Institute for Advanced Study.


About the research

My scholarly interests are 20th century Nordic and European cultural and media history. My research has been on Cold War culture, especially media narratives in the postwar era, literary fiction and feature film of the Cold War, the culture of civil defense and everyday militarization in the atomic age, the material cultural heritage of the Cold War, and transnational broadcasting.

My Ph D thesis Mannen i mitten. Ett spiondrama i svensk kallakrigskultur ("The Man in the Middle. A Spy Drama in Swedish Cold War Culture", 2004) explored the cultural figure of the spy in Swedish 1950s and 1960s media and popular culture. In my post doc project "The People's Home in the Atomic Age. Civil Defense Information and the Swedish Narrative of Community, 1945-1965" (financed by the Swedish Research Council, 2005-2009), I investigated the narratives of fear and safety, warfare and welfare, in Swedish civil defense culture of the 1950s and 1960s. The project resulted in a series of articles and book chapters in Swedish, English and German.

In my current research project "Entangled television histories. Media networks and programme exchange between Sweden and the GDR, 1969-1989" (financed by Riksbankens Jubileumsfond, 2015-), I investigate the relationship between Sveriges Television and Fernsehen der DDR in the 1970s and 1980s. The project taps into not only the discussion on transnational broadcasting, but also the recent trend within Cold War studies that challenges the traditional idea of division and bipolarity by investigating the period in terms of East-West entanglements, interconnections, exchanges, and circulation. Connected to my own research on Sweden and the GDR, I have started a research group with two other researchers, Sune Bechmann Pedersen and Laura Saarenmaa. The title of the project is "Transborder television. The Nordic countries and the GDR" (financed by the Crafoord foundation, 2016-).

Since 2013, I am the coordinator of a transdisciplinary research network on the mediation of war deaths based at Lund University. Our first edited volume will come out in early 2018 entitled War Remains. Mediations of Suffering and Death in the Era of the World Wars (Lund: Nordic Academic Press). Within this network, my research is on war and literary journalism.

Over the years I have been editing several volumes, among these 1973. En träff med tidsandan (Lund: Nordic Academic Press, 2008, co-editors Lina Sturfelt and Martin Wiklund) and Det goda seminariet. Forskarseminariet som lärandemiljö och kollegialt rum (Stockholm/Göteborg: Makadam, 2016, co-editor Alexander Maurits).

Since 2014, I am also the coordinator of the international research network "Entangled media histories (EMHIS)" with members from Sweden, Germany, Britain, Portugal and Australia. The network is financed by STINT Institutional Grant, 2014-. I am an Honorary Associate at the Centre for Media History at Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia, and a Visiting Fellow at the Centre for Media History at Bournemouth University, UK. I have been a guest researcher at the European University Institute in Florence, Italy, and the Hans Bredow Institute for Media Research in Hamburg, Germany.


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Deputy director of the think tank LU Futura

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