By paying the conference fee and filling out the form, you will become registered. Payment is made through any major credit/debit card. The fee covers food, drinks and coffee/tea for the day.
The payment should be made through this payment site:, and follow these instructions:

  •     For English speakers, click on the flag at the top right corner.
  •     Fill out Customer information.
  •     Choose "Media Mixing 2019" in the list of events.
  •     Input amount. The amount is 800 SEK per person. A small fee for the transaction/exchange may be added by your card holder.
  •     Input “Remittance information”: 253205 IV
  •     If you have any dietary needs or allergies, please write them down in the “Other information” section.
  •     Click on "Next".

 The confirmation of payment will be sent via email and could take a few days, up to a week. If you have any other inquiries regarding the registration, do not hesitate to contact us in the conference email.