Mobile Socialities: International Research Workshop MKV Lund University

This two day research workshop critically examines the emerging concept of mobile socialities, addressing the phenomena of people on the move in relation to the role of mobile media in everyday life.

Mobile Socialities


Mobile socialities is a bridging concept that emphasises the socio-cultural within the overlapping spheres of mobilities and mobile communications research. This workshop brings together interdisciplinary perspectives on mobilities of various kinds (people, places, information, commodities, communication) in order to discuss theories, methods and empirical cases that help us understand and analyse emerging modes of mobile socialities.

The workshop is an outcome of collaboration with Professor Maren Hartmann (Berlin University of the Arts) who was a recipient of an RJ funded Swedish-German Programme Research Award for Scientific Cooperation. The aims of the workshop are to a) establish collaboration with international scholars working at the intersections of media and cultural studies, mobilities and mobile communcations research; and b) to plan publications and funding applications on mobile socialities. Key questions for the workshop include:

  1. What forms of socialities do we find in mobile times?
  2. In what ways are time and place critical to mobile socialities?
  3. How do we research the mobile nature of screen content for transnational audiences, users and publics?

The programme contains invited speakers and roundtable discussions. Invited participants include senior and junior scholars debating mobile socialites through empirical and theoretical analysis of different cases, including mobile media, place  and time, media and communication infrastructures and information flows, political and non-political forms of mobilisation, media geographies, affect and social relations, media and migration, mobility and labour, critical algorithm studies, transnational audiences, media ethics. The workshop is funded by MKV, Lund University and University of Denver, Colorado, USA.

Organisers: Magnus Andersson, Maren Hartmann and Annette Hill.

Contact: Annette Hill for further information.

Invited participants include:

Dr Magnus Andersson (Lund University)
Professor Deborah Chambers (Newcastle, UK)
Dr Deniz Neriman Duru (Lund University)
Dr Leopoldina Fortunati (Udine, Italy)
Dr Heike Graf (Södertörn University, Sweden)
Professor Maren Hartmann (Berlin University of the Arts)
Professor Annette Hill (Lund University)
Dr Carlos Jimenez (Denver University, USA)
Dr Emily Keightley (Loughborough, UK)
Dr Christian Licoppe (Paris, France)
Professor Anna Reading (Kings College, London)
Barbara Maly-Bowie (postgraduate researcher Vienna, Austria)
Professor David Morley (Goldsmith’s College, London)
Kristian Møller (Copenhagen, Denmark)
Dr Erika Polson (University of Denver, Colorado)
Professor Lynn Schofield Clark (University of Denver, Colorado)
Philipp Seufferling (postgraduate researcher Södortörn University, Sweden)
Kevin Witzenberger (postgraduate researcher Lund University)