Media Engagement

International Conference


We at the department of Communication and Media are happy to welcome you to this international conference on Media Engagement held in Lund, March 19, 2015

Engagement refers to the various ways we encounter and experience media within politics, society and culture. Media engagement matters, but what we mean by engagement is open to debate. There are competing definitions, discourses and methods for media engagement. For example, political discourses of engagement can focus on rational and subjective dimensions of being political and participating in civic cultures. Policy and industry discourses of engagement rely on technologies and strategies to measure and secure public and consumer engagement. And, audience research explores the processes and practices of people's engagement and disengagement with cross media content. In this way, engagement is about forms of media pleasure as well as forms of media knowledge.

This conference focuses on media engagement in four areas of enquiry: political engagement, policy and industry engagement, audience engagement, and methodology and methods for researching media engagement. The research questions include: What role does media play in processes of political and public engagement? What are the models of engagement within media and cultural industries? How and why do audiences engage with media in politics, society and culture? In what ways can we research engagement with media and social media?

These research questions can be applied to a range of theories, ideas and problems concerning political culture, citizenship and democracy, television, film, radio and print media, social media, popular culture, live events, as well as other topics. Different approaches to research on media engagement can include media, communication and cultural studies, media history, film studies, sociology, social psychology, sociology of media and culture, political communication, and cultural geography, amongst others. The aim is to provide a platform for international scholars from various disciplines to debate the complex issues at work in understanding the theories, processes and practices of media engagement.

The schedule includes a combination of keynote addresses, pre-constituted panels, and open panels. Confirmed keynote speakers include Professor Raymond Boyle (Glasgow University, UK), Professor John Corner (Leeds University, UK), Emeritus Professor Peter Dahlgren (Lund University, Sweden), Professor Joke Hermes (In Holland University, Netherlands). Other invited speakers include Professor Göran Bolin (Södertörn University, Sweden), Julie Donovan (International Formats Consultant), Professor Annette Hill (Lund University, Sweden), Dr Jane Roscoe (London Film School), Professor Jeanette Steemers (University of Westminster, UK), and Douglas Wood (Shine Group).

Lund is a lovely medieval university town with a laidback yet lively atmosphere. The conference takes place in the heart of Lund close to cafes, shopping areas and green refuges. For more information on Lund please consult
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