I am a doctoral student in Media and Communication Studies since September 2019. My research interests are in media audiences, cult and niche media, cultural participation, film, and media engagement. My doctoral dissertation focuses on a number of aspects within the live cinematic events of cult cinema (e.g. The Rocky Horror Picture Show, The Room, etc.). Specifically, I am trying to unpack the components of audience participation and interactions based on their taste and cultural knowledge, but also the perceptions and values of those who are working at the movie theater (e.g. ticket sellers, event organizers, marketing people). The research also deals with the question of how media spaces, or cult spaces in this case are afforded meaning by those who are involved in the screenings. I do this through a nuanced exploration of irony, camp appreciation, genre, and ultimately our modes of enjoyment.


Other tasks and qualifications

Before assuming the role of doctoral student, I obtained my MSc in Media and Communication from Lund University in 2018, where my master's thesis was titled ‘The Mother of All Bad Movies’ An audience research on the culture of Tommy Wiseau’s The Room based on the live cinematic experience. Prior to that, I graduated with a BA in Mass Communication from Purdue University.

I was an SI (Supplemental Instruction) leader for the Media and Communication master's program from 2017-2018.

Hario Priambodho

Doctoral Student
Media and Communication Studies
Department of Communication and Media

Contact information

E-mail hario.priambodhokom.luse

Phone +46 73 245 04 19

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Visiting address Helgonabacken 12, Lund

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