Frequently asked questions from English speaking students

Question: What level of Swedish is required for entry into the Swedish speaking courses at your Department? Answer: As all the subjects taught at our Department have Communication as a common denominator, the Swedish speaking courses require that the students have a very good command of the Swedish language, in writing as well as in speaking and reading. Norwegian and Danish students, however, usually have no trouble assimilating the coursework and lectures. If you have chosen to view this web page in English, this may be a hint that your level of Swedish is not sufficient for entry into our Swedish speaking courses. Question: Is it possible for me to write my PhD dissertation and/or work as a PhD student at your Department? Answer: We do not appoint doctoral candidates on a continuous basis, so any students wishing to apply for a PhD position must do so when an actual position is advertised. Any vacant positions will be advertised on our Academic Vacancies page. Question: Can I appeal against my grade? Answer: Grades are awarded by the examiner after careful assessment. The examiner’s decision cannot be appealed. However, there are provisions on the correction and reassessment of decisions in the Swedish Administrative Procedure Act and Higher Education Ordinance. Pursuant to Chapter 6, Section 24 of the Higher Education Ordinance, the examiner is to change the grade if:
  1. the decision is obviously incorrect, and
  2. the decision can be changed quickly and easily, and
  3. it does not involve a lowering of the grade.
The first condition – that the decision is obviously incorrect – means that the examiner does not need to conduct any thorough scrutiny of the previously established grading decision, unless there is a special reason to do so. The second condition – that the review can be performed quickly and easily – means that there is generally no obligation to review the decision if it requires further investigation of the matter. Requests for grade review should be submitted in writing, where you specify anything that is obviously incorrect. The examiner will review your request and make a decision. Grade review For answers to other questions about studying at Lund University, please see LU's FAQ web page
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