Media and Communication Studies

Please note that a majority of the undergraduate level courses in Media and Communication Studies at our Department are offered in Swedish. Meanwhile, a majority of the postgraduate level courses in the same subject are offered in English.

Media and Communication Studies is taught as individual courses at Lund University, which gives the student ample opportunity to combine different fields of interest and knowledge into a competitive set of academic qualifications. Many of our previous students are today working within the media- and communication business, as for instance communications officers, PR consultants and social analysts.

Media and Communication Studies deals with the mediated communication in our society. Studying this subject at our Department, you will gain insight into how the media work, and how communication can function as a means of control at societal, organisational and group level. You will learn about the internet’s importance for democracy, about the medium of television, and about principles of news evaluation. Furthermore, you will learn about consumption and lifestyle, organisations and strategic communication, how attitudes are formed and how culture is produced. You will also be given the opportunity to practice how to conduct studies and gather information using different methods, and how to adopt a critical perspective on media as well as other information sources. In today’s society, this particular competence is incredibly important, regardless of what occupation your studies will lead to. Knowing how to reach an intended audience and the workings of informational flows, is useful whether you are an engineer or an economist, a manager or a co-worker.

A wealth of opportunities

A degree with Media and Communication Studies as a major provides you with a solid foundation of knowledge for your future career. We also offer our students the opportunity to put their knowledge to practical use, in a qualified internship position. The internship may last from a few months up to an entire term, and may take place either in Sweden or abroad. Internship allows you to gain valuable experience from professional life, as well as allowing you to make important connections in the industry even before the conclusion of your academic education.

Media and Communication Studies can constitute a major in a Bachelor’s as well as a Master’s degree, and we also offer doctoral education. You can take Media and Communication Studies as a complement to your studies in another subject, or as a part of life-long education.

Connections to research and society

Media and Communication Studies in Lund has a long tradition of being well tied in with research and society. The subject is interdisciplinary and is characterized by traditions of social sciences as well as those of the humanities. An important principle to Media and Communication at our Department is that we first and foremost educate communications analysts and –strategists, not producers of information. We consider it to be of great importance that the students apply communication theories to “real” media- and communication issues. However, Media and Communication Studies may well be studied as a foundation for further education, in for example journalism, television production, multimedia design or graphic design.
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Contact Information

Director of Studies
Fredrik Schoug
Phone: 046-222 45 34

Study advisor
Josefina Backman
Phone: +46-46-222 40 51

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