MKV March Symposia

International Symposium at Lund University, Sweden

Every year, the MKV March symposia are held on specific themes that fit within our vision of media, culture and democracy; these symposia are externally funded and result in international journal publications. The first theme ‘Civic Cultures’ was organised in honour of Emeritus Professor Peter Dahlgren in 2011.Now in its 10th year the annual symposia establishes MKV as an academic space for intellectual debate in the field. During the period of 2014 to 2018 themes included ‘Media Engagement’ (Wallenberg Foundation), ‘Media and Transgression’ (Wallenberg Foundation), ‘Media and Passion’ (VR), ‘Media and Fear’ (RJ), and ‘Media Freedom’ (RJ). In the past decade the symposia has attracted 70 participants annually, generating external research funding from VR, RJ and the Wallenberg Foundation, and 8 themed issues of international peer reviewed journals (2012-20). Additional work from the symposia has appeared in special journal issues such as Television and New Media.

*Due to COVID, the 2021 symposium is cancelled. We hope to welcome you in 2022.

Media Mixing 2019

Media Freedom 2018

Media and Fear 2017

Media and Transgression 2016

Media Engagement 2015

Producers and Audiences 2014

Media and Passion 2013

Media and Participation 2012

Civic Cultures 2011

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