Excellent theses

We value the academic thesises in Media and Communication studies. As a part of that, we wish to show and appraise the thesises that rise above and beyond. We do it in the bachelor lever by publishing extraordinary thesises in the series Förtjänstfulla examensarbeten i MKV (FEA), and on the masters level through the series Excellent Dissertations.

These dissertations have all be publicly defended and received the highest grades. In order to be nominated to the book series it is not enough to receive high marks: All dissertations have shown themselves to be remarkable works that extend beyond the requirements of the grades. All works have been edited to fit to the genre of the scientific report and/or book anthology.

If you wish to buy them, they can be found online like  t.ex. Adlibris or Bokus but you can also find them online in the links below (for free).

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Excellent MSc Dissertations 2023

Download the book here

frontpage of the book

Excellent MSc Dissertations 2022

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Flashin lights

Excellent MSc Dissertations 2021

Find the book here

Abstract shapes and colors

Excellent MSc Dissertations 2020

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Marbling colors, cover of the book

Excellent MSc Dissertations 2019

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Abstract colors

Excellent MSc Dissertations 2018

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