Research Projects

At MKV in Lund, projects are funded by organisations such as The Swedish Research Council (VR), Riksbankens Jubileumsfond (RJ), FORTE, The Wallenberg Foundation, The Swedish Institute (SI), and the EU. We are part of networks and collaborative projects in the Nordic countries, Europe and worldwide. Researchers work with public service and commercial media, policy and production sectors, and NGOs.

We are involved in a diversity of projects, networks and symposia, funded by 22 different bodies, ranging from big grants with high academic, industry and societal value (e.g. VR, RJ, Wallenberg, FORTE, Swedish Education Broadcasting) to small grants with big academic impact in our research culture (e.g. Wahlgrenska Foundation, University of Denver).

Project Highlights

  • Ung teknik, äldres vardag FORTE funded project (3.5 million SEK), 2015-2018,  Professor Tobias Olsson project leader, in collaboration with Linnaeus University. This project researched domestication of digital technologies and elderly citizens. From this project arose 5 journal articles and further research on elderly citizens and digital spheres.
  • Media Experiences, a Marcus and Marianne Wallenberg funded project (6.3 million SEK), 2013-2016 Professor Annette Hill project leader. This project was an academic-industry collaboration between Lund University and Endemol Shine. From this project arose 1 research monograph publication (Hill, Routledge 2018, translated into Italian 2019); 6 industry reports, 9 peer reviewed journal articles, 8 book chapters in peer reviewed anthologies (2016-2020), a new forthcoming monograph Roaming Audiences (Hill, Routledge 2021).
  • DIGIKIDS Sweden. A Day in the Digital Lives of 0-3 Year Olds, The Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet) funded project (5.42 million SEK), 2019-2022, Dr. Helena Sandberg project leader, in collaboration with Malmö University and Halmstad Högskola. This project involves ethnographic research of very young children aged 0-3 years old and how digital technology informs and permeates their everyday lives.
  • ‘Rumour Mining’, an RJ funded project (8.3 million SEK), 2020-2022, Dr. Mia Marie Hammarlin and Dr. Fredrik Miegel project leaders, in collaboration with Göteborg University. This is a mixed methods project on civic cultures and online rumours regarding anti-vaccination.

Ongoing and Completed Projects

Forskare berättar

Underground digital audiences

Media industries face the pressing problem of unmeasured digital viewers.

Watch this short interview, with Professor Annette Hill, to find out more about underground audiences:


Research Project "Media Experiences"

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