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13 December 2021

Helena Sandberg and Fredrika Thelandersson receives funding from the research programme, Future Challenges in the Nordics – People, Culture and Society for the project "Demography and Democracy –…

 People on stage and falling confetti
6 December 2021

Associate senior lecturer Michael Bossetta wins Researcher's Grand Prix 2021

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28 October 2021

Joanna Doona and Tommy Bruhn explores political controversy and satire

[Translate to English:] Camera crew filming people in conference setting
14 September 2021

Helena Sandberg in Nordicom review

[Translate to English:] Pen writing
14 September 2021

Helena Sandberg in European Journal of Communication Research

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11 May 2021

The edited collection, The Routledge Handbook of Mobile Socialities by editors Annette Hill, Maren Hartmann, Magnus Andersson is ready to launch.

abstract Shapes and forms
11 February 2021

On February 10th, the master programme held its first digital version of the annual symposium

Abstract Spinning wheel of light front of Zaki Habibis thesis
14 December 2020

KOM is proud to announce a new doctor in Media and Communication studies.

Frontpage of the book featuring a blurry train
6 November 2020

Mobile Socialities wraps up new publication and receives grants.

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12 October 2020

Media History builds platform for digital history