Research Education

We have an established doctoral programme running since the 1990s that generates high quality theses. The monograph Political Comedy Engagement (by Joanna Doona) won the FSMK award for top dissertation of 2016 for its exceptional theoretical and empirical contribution to the field of political and popular cultural spheres. Additionally, we regularly host visiting doctoral students from Denmark, Italy, Spain, India, Iran, and China.
We are a founding member of the ECREA Doctoral Summer School (from 1995). The ECREA Doctoral Summer School started in 1992 with a consortium of 10 institutions and has evolved into a partnership of 20 EU Universities. It is funded by the EU and partner HEIs and offers a 2 week intensive event which fosters doctoral work and encourages respectful and critical dialogue on media and communication. We are also a member of TRAIN, a national network for doctoral courses and annual events, which we hosted in 2016 with 50 doctoral students and staff from a consortium of HEIs in Sweden. 
Our international master's programme in Media and Communication studies launched in 2014. It has established an international reputation, attracting over 500 applications for 30 places on an annual basis, with more than half of the students from outside the EU. It is based on research led teaching, in full accordance with the strategies of Lund University, and has a partnership with Skissernas Museum (e.g. student projects on courses Media and Participation, Digital Media Research).
The MSc programme includes diverse international postgraduate students, with quality theses and a strong completion culture. We run an annual MSc international symposium and publish an edited collection of excellent theses. Our graduates go onto work in media and creative industries, public sector, and academia, in particular for a PhD track.

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