We regularly publish our research with international publishers such as Routledge, Sage, Polity, and Cambridge University Press. During 2014-2018 we have published over 100 peer reviewed outputs, which included 5 books (3 single authored research monographs), 10 edited collections (books and special issues of journals), 3 doctoral theses8 reports69 book chapters (national/international collections), and 30 peer reviewed journal articles, e.g. European Journal of CommunicationInternational Journal of Cultural StudiesJavnostJournal of Ethnic and Migration StudiesNew Media and Society. We place a premium on research monographs, edited collections, book chapters in anthologies, and journal articles. We value single authored and co-authored works that make theoretical and empirical contributions in the field, connecting with the LU Strategy of promoting high quality research.

Publication Highlights

  • 2014: 4 peer reviewed journal articles, 1 edited collection Reclaiming the Public Sphere (Askanius, Macmillan), and 1 textbook Kvinnor och Män i Offentlighetens ljus (Jarlbro and Hammarlin, Studentlitteratur);
  • 2015: 7 peer reviewed journal articles, 2 single authored research monographs, including Reality TV (Hill, Routledge), 1 edited collection;
  • 2016: 7 peer reviewed journal articles, 2 doctoral theses (Doona, monograph; Holmberg, compilation), 1 anthology, 1 edited collection;
  • 2017: 6 peer reviewed journal articles, 1 doctoral thesis (Martinez, compilation), 2 edited collections, including MKV textbook Sociala medier – vetenskapliga perspektiv (ed. Olsson, Gleerups);
  • 2018: 6 peer reviewed journal articles, 1 single authored book monograph Media Experiences (Hill, Routledge), 1 edited collection, and 16 book chapters;
  • 2019-20: over 10 journal articles/book chapters in international journals and edited collections, 1 book monograph Exposed: Living with Scandal Rumour and Gossip (Hammarlin, Manchester University Press), and 3 special journal issues on themes of Fear (European Journal of Cultural Studies), Transgression (International Journal of Cultural Studies), and Media Freedom (Javnost). 

Select Publications