Healthy Ageing In A Digital World

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Project HAIDI

The project Demography and Democracy – Healthy Ageing in a Digital World (HAIDI) addresses two critical challenges for the Nordic countries and their ageing population: digitalisation and health development. The purpose is to provide new knowledge to counteract health disparities related to the changing demographic patterns, and neutralize digital divides threatening inclusion and democracy. The project has an ethnographic approach, including home visits, observations, and interviews with citizens over the age of 75 and those working in the health care system supporting this demographic. The project includes researchers from Sweden, Denmark, and Finland working in the fields of media and communication studies and social and cultural gerontology. Helena Sandberg, Professor in Media and Communication Studies at Lund University, is project leader. The research is financed by Familjen Kamprads stiftelse and was granted 990,000 euro for three years within the “Future Challenges in the Nordics” call by the Society of Swedish Literature in Finland.

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Jobbar du med äldre individer över 75 inom vård och omsorg? Skulle du vilja dela dina erfarenheter av äldre och digitalisering med oss?

Nu söker vi dig som jobbar i hemtjänst, som biståndshandläggare och som äldresjuksköterska i primärvården. 

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