Media and Passion, International Conference 2013

Media and Passion, International Conference, at the Media and Communication Research Department, Lund University, Sweden, SOL Centre, March 21st 2013. Organisers Professor Annette Hill, Joanna Doona and Carolina Martinez.


We at the department of Media and Communication are happy to welcome you to this international conference on Media and Passion held in Lund.

Passion is at the heart of an emotional economy within media, culture and society. For too long passion has been dismissed as subjective experience outside the remit of scientific enquiry. But, we think and feel with our head and heart and to separate rationality from emotion is to ignore the power of passion in society. How people feel about politics, the press, or the internet is vital to understanding media today. This conference focuses on media and passion as multidimensional, working across industry and economics, politics, society and popular culture.

The conference follows four areas of enquiry in media, communication and cultural studies: politics and passion, emotional economy in media industries, subjectivity, and identity and social relations. The research questions include:
  1. What is the role of passion in political culture?
  2. In what ways has emotion become an economy in media and cultural industries?
  3. How can we research subjectivity and the media?
  4. How do people feel about media, identity and social relations?
The aim is to provide a platform for international scholars and junior scholars from disciplines such as media, communication and cultural studies, film studies, sociology and political communication, to debate the complex issues at work in understanding the interplay between media and passion.

The speakers are invited scholars with international books and journal articles published on topics related to media and passion. There will also be open panels for up to fifty participants from around the world. Please see the dedicated conference website for further information. Abstracts should be 300 words in English, and should be uploaded by December 10th 2012. To submit your abstract, please go to the Registration Page and register on the site. This does not mean that you are registered to the conference itself and there is of course no fee at this stage.The schedule includes a combination of keynote addresses, pre-constituted panels, and open panels. Confirmed speakers include Professor Stephen Coleman (Leeds University, UK), Professor John Corner (Leeds University, UK), Professor Joke Hermes (In Holland University, Netherlands), Dr Gavan Titley (National University of Ireland). Other invited speakers include Dr Stina Bengtsson (Södertörn University, Sweden), Professor Göran Bolin (Södertörn University, Sweden), Dr Mervi Pantii (Helsinki University, Finland), Emeritus Professor Peter Dahlgren (Lund University, Sweden), Dr Anna Lund (Linnaeus University, Sweden) and Professor Tobias Olsson (Lund University, Sweden).

MKV at Lund University focuses on the study of media, society and culture. We conduct international research on television, film, print media, the internet and mobile technologies, within the context of politics, economics, society and culture. Our international publications and funded research projects combine empirical methods with critical theory. Research areas include media and democracy, media and participation, gender, media, communication and health, children and the internet, social activism and social media, celebrities, genre, audiences and popular culture.

Lund is a lovely medieval university town with a laidback yet lively atmosphere. The conference takes place in the heart of Lund close to cafes, shopping areas and green refuges. For more information on Lund please consult For your stay in Lund, we can recommend Hotel Lundia, where they offer a single standard room for 1396 Sek per night, or 1644 Sek for a single business room. The telephone number to the hotel is: 00 46 (46) 280 65 00. For more information please consult: When you make your booking, please mention Lund University, Department of Communication and Media, in order to get the promotional price. There are rooms reserved for conference participants until the 20th of February. After this date it can be more difficult to book a room at Hotel Lundia. 


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