Media Mixing 2019

International Symposium at Lund University, Sweden

This international symposium addresses mixed modes of storytelling that abound in the contemporary media landscape. The theme is explored from empirical and theoretical perspectives, in particular the mixing of generic content within information and entertainment, and how this is connected to dispersed sites of production, distribution and reception contexts. Contributions from scholars address the following areas of enquiry: media and democracy, news, fake news and political engagement, social activism, mimetic and visual cultures, cultural citizenship and popular culture, genre and representation, transmedia storytelling, media assemblage, media audiences, media and creative industries, distribution and piracy, amateur media, amongst other areas of inquiry.

The research questions include:

1. How can we critically examine mixed modes of storytelling across news, radio and television, film, digital and social media? 

2. In what ways can we understand the inter-generic spaces of content in the contemporary media landscape?

3. The schedule includes a combination of keynote addresses, pre-constituted panels, and open panels for up to seventy international participants.

Sidansvarig: michael.rubsamenkom.luse | 2019-12-17