Animals in Society, Culture and the Media

LUCASN is happy to invite applications to Critical Animal Studies: Animals in Society, Culture and the Media

The course is an introduction and an orientation to the burgeoning, multi-disciplinary field of critical animal studies. We will not only critically analyze a range of ethical, social and cultural problems embedded in human-animal relationships, but also address possibilities for change.

Since 2012 the course is given in spring semesters over 10 weeks between January and March. In 2012 the course was granted the Distinguished New Animals and Society Course Award by the Humane Society of the United States and the Animals and Society Institute.

Here are some examples of what previous students have had to say about the course:

This course has truly nuanced my education. It is one of the most rewarding courses I have participated in. It has taught me about critical perspectives both in a theoretical and practical manner.

It was one of the most exciting courses that I have ever taken. I was inspired by many other classmates through the discussion. I loved hearing what the other students had to say, all discussions were interesting.

THANK YOU! Honestly my favorite course in ages, it shifted my worldview and provided me with new insights for my activist life, I just loved it!

It complemented my education very well by giving me a completely new viewpoint of matters regarding human-animal relationships and the way we view non-human animals, and more importantly it made me start questioning traditions and social norms within my field.

I tell my friends that this course changed my life because it really made me think and question things that I had previously accepted without hesitation before.

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