Pan Du

The experience at Lund was "wonderful and unforgettable" and everything was "super helpful"

Pan came from China and graduated from the MSc programme in 2019. She is currently exploring all options in trying to find a job that is related to media consulting or marketing, but pursuing a PhD is also an option for Pan.

What Made You Choose this Programme and Lund University?

I wanted to experience a different media education by choosing Lund University and it turned out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. Lund University is not only a world-famous university but also a good place for young students from all over the world to communicate and exchange ideas. I learned many practical things like media production but also how to critically and thoroughly utilize a number of theories and concepts. This degree taught me how to strongly engage with different theories and also how to apply them to research.

Looking Back, How Would You Describe Your Experience? 

A wonderful and unforgettable experience. Everything at Lund University is super helpful, the library, campus facilities, and of course our teachers and coordinators. I learned and experienced many new things, not only about my major, but also about Sweden, Swedish culture, and the Swedish education system. I enjoyed and also really miss the time when my classmates and I would gather around to study or discuss group work at the “flag corridor”.

As a student enrolled in an international programme, I needed to work with classmates with varying backgrounds. Therefore, I am now better to communicate and work effectively in diverse situations as a good team player. My academic ability has also improved in different ways. Most importantly, those interesting independent research projects at Lund University helped me to determine my future career direction - Media Consulting.

What Was Your Master's Thesis On? 

My thesis focuses on one of the most popular topics in China: fansub groups and their communities. By conducting a case study on a Chinese fansub group, my thesis not only presents the working process and working strategies of fansub groups in detail, but also discusses the push-pull relations, fan identity construction, and popular culture communities.

What Was Your Experience with Supervision and Research at the Department?

My thesis supervisor, Annette Hill, is super helpful and supportive. She gave me many good advice and encouraged me all the time when I felt confused and lost. And the thesis research is a sweet and painful experience for me. The whole thesis research process tested my academic ability, helped me locate my advantages and disadvantages, and eventually built my confidence in being a researcher/scholar.

What Advice Would You Give Current and Future Students in the Programme?

1. Learn by doing and always be curious

2. Give yourself some time to adapt.

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