Maizi Hua

Maizi Hua is a PhD student at the University of Oslo studying migrant food couriers in Norway. He graduated from the International Master Programme in Media and Communication Studies in 2021.

How did you find out about the master’s programme?

I think everything was accidental. I wanted to study something in Sweden. I found Lund University on the internet and this programme that was relevant to my major. My bachelor was in journalism, and I was a journalist in China for several years, but I wanted to continue my studies and experience education outside of China. I found Sweden and researched media and communication programmes there, what the universities provide, and I thought that Lund University was the most relevant for me. I even visited before I decided that I wanted to study there.

What made you choose this master’s programme?

The courses the programme provide. They cover a wide range of interesting topics, like popular culture and media engagement. The whole programme is cultural studies oriented. I was a bit tired of just talking about the media and journalism in themselves. I wanted to go deeper. This programme provided the opportunity to think deeper about social phenomena and gave me theoretical lenses to understand what is happening in society.

I also think it is good that Lund University has really good reputation. Lund University is well ranked on a lot of rankings. That was also an important factor that made me choose this programme.

How would you describe your experience in the programme?

I general it was fantastic. There are people from all over the world with different cultural backgrounds and life experiences coming and that was really an eye-opening learning experience. The permanent staff at the department are helpful and treat us as part of the department. There were many opportunities for us to learn and present our work and ideas. You feel that you are part of the academy, even as a student master’s student. And the university and the town are great. Lund is international and you quickly become part of the society.

Did you have a favourite course in the programme?

My favourite course was Media and Diversity. The lecturers were so passionate. We learned a lot about theory and methods. One day we went on a fieldtrip to Malmö where we interviewed and observed people. After that we had to reflect on the work, which was really useful. I still used the tool of reflexivity in my master's thesis and still use it in my PhD project. The topics the course covered have been useful and inspiring for me. My PhD project is on diversity and migration and the roots of the project and my academic interests come from that course.

Do you have any advice for current or future students in the programme?

The most important is to enjoy the programme. For me, it was an adventure. You don't have to feel pressure or stress for all the courses. Just enjoying and let the teachers lead the way. And talk to your classmates, talk to the professors. I think that's the most important.


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