Niloufar Hajirahimikalhroudi

Niloufar graduated from the MSc programme in 2021. Having studied journalism in Turkey before attending Lund University, Nil wrote her master's thesis on how Turkish immigrants negotiate power dynamics in Germany through communicative practices. She is currently a doctoral student at the University of Illinois Chicago.

How did you find out about the Master’s program?

I remember searching for top master programs in communication studies in Nordic countries and Europe and this was one of the best options there.

What made you choose this program and Lund University?

Before joining this program I used to work for nonprofit organizations that researched the immigrant community. I got highly interested in the research field and wanted to find a program that in particular focuses on communication research. This program was heavily focused on preparing students for research with a range of methodological courses. It also provided me access to all cutting-edge theories and literature on audience studies and diversity issues which was my main interest.

How would you describe your experience?

I had the best time of my life in this program. When I moved to Sweden, I was a bit lost because I was not sure if I had what it takes to become a researcher and academic. I was also really new to the style and education system in Sweden. This program gave me a chance to meet top scholars in my field and benefit from their mentorship. They encouraged me to engage with my creativity and cultural background and find who I want to be as a researcher. I also created lifelong friendships in my time in Sweden. From the beginning of the program, we were always encouraged to work in groups and support our classmates. All the group work enhanced my social skills in an academic setting. This faculty also gave me a chance to work with new students as mentors and help plan different academic events in the university. I gained sets of  management skills out of my time there that I am currently using at my work in the US.

Do you have a favorite course?

It is really hard for me to choose one course because every single course added to my skills and expanded my horizons. I wrote my  master thesis heavily influenced by the media and diversity course and digital methodology course. These two courses introduced me to thought-provoking literature and creative methodologies that inspired me in choosing my research area.

What have you done professionally after graduation?

After graduation, I presented my research at a 4S conference in Toronto with the support of Magnus Andersson. My presentation was based on the research I conducted during my Digital Ethnography lectures at this master's program. I got to work on a research project with Annette Hill. My master's thesis was published as part of the best dissertation book of the faculty for 2021. I got accepted into five different PhD programs around the world in the same year. I decided to move to the US and study for my PhD at the University of Illinois Chicago. At the moment I am working on my dissertation project here in the US. I am an instructor and teacher in the communication department here and a research assistant in the “media/democracy lab”.

What advice would you give current and future students in the program?

Make the most out of the resources that the university and this program are providing you. Make sure to knock on the door of faculty members during their office hours, ask them your questions and use their advice. Use those study rooms and library resources as much as you can! Lund is a beautiful city with a strong international student community. So make sure to make as many connections with people and expand your network. If you are already in Lund, make sure to have as many fika as you can. And if you are about to go to Lund to study this program, I am sure you will love Lund and Lund University. You got this!

Sidansvarig: michael.rubsamenkom.luse | 2024-02-20