Titilope Oladiran

Titilope Oladiran graduated from the Master's Programme in 2022. She is currently working as a technical writer for a network security company and writing books.

How did you discover the Master's program?

Following my completion of a bachelor's degree and national youth service in Nigeria, I resolved to pursue a master's degree in Journalism or Communications abroad, given my undergraduate background in mass communication. With a profound passion for communications, the decision to pursue a master's degree in this field held significant importance for me. I conducted extensive research on leading institutions offering such programmes in Canada and Sweden. During my exploration, I came across the International Master Programme in Media and Communication Studies at Lund University. The more I delved into the programme's details, the more my interest in being part of it grew. Consequently, I applied to this programme, along with others in Canada, Lebanon, and Sweden.

What motivated your choice of this program and Lund University?

Among the institutions I applied to, Lund University stood out due to its prestigious ranking and the department's renowned reputation for international diversity. Opting to pursue my master's program at Lund University is a decision I can confidently say was worth it. The programme proved to be highly engaging and challenged me to excel in Media and Communication. I relished studying Media and Communication from a global perspective, and collaborating on projects with classmates from diverse backgrounds significantly enriched my knowledge.

How would you describe your experience?

Embarking on the journey of studying abroad at Lund University and spending two years in the programme imparted invaluable lessons. This experience equipped me with advanced knowledge in media, communication, research, publications, and thesis writing. Initially, adapting to an academic system different from what I experienced in Nigeria posed challenges. However, as time progressed, I adapted, and looking back, I have no regrets. My educational journey was both fulfilling and enlightening. Access to extensive libraries, both at the University and within the department, enhanced my learning experience. Engaging in group projects honed my teamwork skills, which are invaluable in various aspects of life.

Did you have a favourite course?

Hmmm… Selecting a favourite course is quite challenging, as most courses were intellectually stimulating and offered invaluable knowledge and experience. However, I particularly enjoyed Media and Diversity, as it deepened my understanding of diversity concepts within media. Other notable courses I enjoyed include Media Audiences; Media, Health and Society; Media and Communication Methodology, and Popular Culture. Each course complemented the programme seamlessly, with individual projects such as the one in Media, Health, and Society standing out to me.

What have you pursued professionally post-graduation?

Post-graduation, I sought to expand my knowledge in technical writing. Currently, I work as a Technical Writer for a network security company. I am also writing books I plan to publish in the future.

What advice would you offer current and future students in the program?

The programme is highly theoretical and research-oriented. Based on my experience, comprehending these theories requires diligent study. It takes time to grasp the various theories and concepts thoroughly. Therefore, I advise putting in a significant effort to study and understand them. These theories form the foundation of individual or group projects and your thesis. Additionally, do not hesitate to ask questions; embracing diverse perspectives from lecturers and peers enriches the learning experience. Most importantly, cultivate friendships with your classmates and cherish the programme's duration, as the two years pass swiftly. Make the most of your time, ensuring it is both productive and enjoyable.

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