I am a postdoc fellow at the department of communication and media. I defended my thesis, on the topic of rhetorical ambiguity in political leadership, in 2018. I teach rhetoric, and media and communication studies.

My main research interests are the rhetorical aspects of community and participation, particularly the roles that pluralism and differences play in community development. At the moment my research focus is the processual development of rhetorical community norms. I also research the public functions of satire.


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My area of research is strategic ambiguity in political communication. My main focus is its rhetorical uses for leadership in political organizations.


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Bruhn, Tommy (2015): "Är retoriken verkligen fördelaktig?" i 'Förledd och förtjust. Andra generationens retorikvetare tar ordet.' Bengtsson, Erik & Buhre, Frida (red). Stockholm: SRS

Conference presentations:
Media and Transgression - A Marcus Wallenberg symposium, Lund March 17th 2016: “Rooting for the degenerate: The trickster ethos in John Safran’s Race Relations”

International Society for the History of Rhetoric Twentieth Biennal Conference, Tübingen 2015: Curbing Janus - Historical Perspectives on Ambiguity as a Rhetorical Device

NKRF 5 (2014): "Mångtydighet och den sammansatta publiken: Perspektiv på retorisk polysemi."

Tommy Bruhn

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