Practical information

  • Programmes: Hard copies of the programmes will be handed out during registration in the morning.

  • Time: Every presenter at the open parallel sessions should plan for 20 minutes including questions. This leaves time for a general discussion after all the presentations in the two hour slot.

  • Available equipment: There is no printer available at the conference venue. As this is a small conference we ask everyone to bring hard copies of their presentations (if you need one). But there are projectors and speakers in every room, as well as Internet connections. You can bring your own computer and connect it (if you have Mac, bring an adapter!) or a USB stick with your presentation.

  • Wi-fi:  Every conference participant will also get access to our wi-fi, after registering at the reception desk in the morning.

  • Latecomers: If you plan to come after registration in the morning, please let us know in advance by emailing us. Our staff or student volunteers will be at the reception area most of the day, but to make sure you get your information and become properly registered, please let us know as soon as possible.

  • Diet: We would also ask you to let us know if you have specific dietary needs. There will be vegetarian food, so if you are a vegetarian you don't need to contact us, but if you have allergies - email us as soon as you can and we can make arrangements for you. The dinner will be vegetarian for all.
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