Austin Shilstone

Studying at Lund helped "further knowledge in the chosen field of education and also learn new ways of life"

Austin came from the USA and graduated from the MSc programme in 2018. He is currently working as a Development Associate for Kinship Center in the state of California, USA. The office he works for is a nonprofit that provides adoption, foster care, relative caregiver, and children’s mental health/family therapy services.  What Made You Choose this Programme and Lund University? I knew I wanted to be a communications professional so the degree subject was perfect for me. I chose Lund University because I always wanted to study abroad, and Lund University is a prestigious school. Looking Back, How Would You Describe Your Experience?  Studying at Lund University was a fantastic experience, as I was able to not only further my knowledge in my chosen field of education, but also learn new ways of life and hear about the varying life experiences of new friends from all over the world. The education I got at Lund University is what allowed me to land the amazing job I currently have with great pay, benefits, and hours. What Was Your Master's Thesis On?  My thesis was titled “Conspiratorial Framing: Framing as a Tool in the War on Information” and looked the way conspiracy theories and theorists, primarily Alex Jones of Infowars, frame information to portray people and events as conspiratorial and maleficent. The conspiratorial framing typology that this research develops consists of five thematic frames, which are fearmongering, disdaining institutions, nationalism, demonizing political others, and methods of validation. What Was Your Experience with Supervision and Research at the Department? My thesis supervisor was instrumental in the entire thesis writing process, from picking my topic to doing the research to getting it all on paper. Her close guidance was extremely helpful and important. Can You Further Elaborate on Your Current Job and Plans for the Future? As Development Associate, it is my job to fundraise for the organization so we have additional sources of income aside from county contracts. Communications, marketing, branding, messaging, media relations, and public relations are all key aspects of my job. I run our social media account, create digital newsletters and other email blasts, manage our websites, write press releases, create radio/television/print media ads, run campaigns, manage events, and do a myriad of other things all aimed at developing relationships with donors in our community. It is my job to make sure that people know about us and what we do and that Kinship Center’s public image is maintained appropriately. I plan to stay in the field of corporate communications for the duration of my career. I will eventually find a job at a for profit company, and my goal is to be a communications executive (Chief Communications Officer) at a large business such as a hospital, agriculture or tech company, etc. What Advice Would You Give Current and Future Students in the Programme? If you're planning on becoming a professional, I would advise current and future students to get an internship. The practical, hands-on work experience gained from an internship is so, so important and will give you a huge leg up when it comes time to apply for jobs.
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