Gustav Persson

Why I chose this MSc?
As an undergraduate student in the department I already knew that I liked the atmosphere. I found the curriculum of the theoretical courses highly interesting and engaging. What did I find useful?
The courses Media and Cosmopolitanism and Media and Participation were a real intellectual endeavor, both collectively and individually. As a student you are given the combination of clarity of ideas and high expectations. This makes room for failed attempts, stimulating discussions, but most importantly, intellectual growth. When I wrote my thesis I experienced great support from my supervisor, but also interest from other students and teachers in the department. As a Masters student you are invited to the research seminars at the department which gives you great insight into what other researchers, from all over the world, are working on. The international conferences that are organized at the department further makes you feel that you are part of an international research environment. What am I doing now?
Since September 2013 I am a PhD student at University of Gothenburg. It is my strong opinion that the Master program at the Department of Communication and Media at Lund University equipped me very well for further studies.
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