We regularly publish our research with international publishers such as Routledge, Sage, Polity, and Cambridge University Press. During 2014-2018 we have published over 100 peer reviewed outputs, which included 5 books (3 single authored research monographs), 10 edited collections (books and special issues of journals), 3 doctoral theses, 8 reports, 69 book chapters (national/international collections), and 30 peer reviewed journal articles, e.g. European Journal of Communication, International Journal of Cultural Studies, Javnost, Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, New Media and Society. We place a premium on research monographs, edited collections, book chapters in anthologies, and journal articles. We value single authored and co-authored works that make theoretical and empirical contributions in the field, connecting with the LU Strategy of promoting high quality research.

Publication Highlights

  • 2014: 4 peer reviewed journal articles, 1 edited collection Reclaiming the Public Sphere (Askanius, Macmillan), and 1 textbook Kvinnor och Män i Offentlighetens ljus (Jarlbro and Hammarlin, Studentlitteratur);
  • 2015: 7 peer reviewed journal articles, 2 single authored research monographs, including Reality TV (Hill, Routledge), 1 edited collection;
  • 2016: 7 peer reviewed journal articles, 2 doctoral theses (Doona, monograph; Holmberg, compilation), 1 anthology, 1 edited collection;
  • 2017: 6 peer reviewed journal articles, 1 doctoral thesis (Martinez, compilation), 2 edited collections, including MKV textbook Sociala medier – vetenskapliga perspektiv (ed. Olsson, Gleerups);
  • 2018: 6 peer reviewed journal articles, 1 single authored book monograph Media Experiences (Hill, Routledge), 1 edited collection, and 16 book chapters;
  • 2019-20: over 10 journal articles/book chapters in international journals and edited collections, 1 book monograph Exposed: Living with Scandal Rumour and Gossip (Hammarlin, Manchester University Press), and 3 special journal issues on themes of Fear (European Journal of Cultural Studies), Transgression (International Journal of Cultural Studies), and Media Freedom (Javnost). 

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