International Master Programme in Media and Communication Studies

Photo: Fredrik Miegel©

Photo: Fredrik Miegel©

What is the focus of this MSc?

The focus of this international MSc is to question and understand global media structures and processes in modern life. We offer students world class expertise in media and communication research. Students taking this programme will conduct critical analysis of social, cultural, and political dimensions of media. Our courses are based on international expertise in democracy, participation and social media; gender, health and society; audiences and popular culture; children and digital media. If you have interests in the media within the context of politics, society and culture, then this MSc programme is a match for you.

Why study media?

Media and communication are central to understanding our experience of social life. Media’s role in contemporary politics, society and culture is all encompassing. We are witnessing a revolution in communications - print media, film, television and radio, photography, mobile and social media are a continuous presence in our everyday lives. Media can be a starting point to understand events, such as 9/11 and the subsequent terrorist attacks around the world, catastrophes such as natural disasters, trends such as the current global economic crisis, and social and political movements. Media can also be a starting point to understand the routine, everyday nature of mobile and online practices, or television, in public and private spheres, in local and global environments.